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Chris McCarthy, MD

Dr. Chris McCarthy, MD is an orthopedic spine surgeon who is also trained in emergency medicine. He is particularly skilled in managing medically and surgically complex situations.

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Dr. Chris McCarthy

About Dr. McCarthy

Dr. Chris McCarthy, MD is one of the few physicians in the nation trained and practiced in both orthopedic surgery and emergency medicine. This Harvard and Princeton-educated physician was trained by world-renowned physicians in the full spectrum of emergency medicine including ICU/critical care, and trauma.

Now, Dr. McCarthy combines his impeccable emergency medical skills with his focus of orthopedic surgery to be one of the most uniquely skilled spinal trauma surgeons in the nation. Dr. McCarthy has a special understanding of sports related injuries and has aided many professional sports teams in the Northeast. Because of his wide range of experience in sports surgery and trauma, Dr. McCarthy excels in the diagnostics of both general and complex orthopedic spine conditions. 

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